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Football tailgate parties are a long-standing tradition in the Grove, and they bring people to Oxford, MS to celebrate their favorite team. One of the essential items for any tailgate party is a well packed cooler, which keeps drinks and food cold during the event. In this article, we will discuss how to make the most of a 48 QT cooler with a 20 lbs. bag of ice at an Ole Miss football tailgate party serviced by Rebel Tailgate.

The first step in maximizing the use of your cooler is to pre-chill it before you put any ice or drinks inside. This can be done by filling the cooler with cold water and ice the night before the event. By doing this, you will reduce the temperature inside the cooler and minimize the amount of ice you will need on game day.

Once you are ready to start packing your cooler, it’s essential to plan ahead and pack efficiently. The goal is to maximize the space available in the cooler while keeping the food and drinks as cold as possible. Start by packing the heavier items first, such as bottles and cans, on the bottom of the cooler. Next, add ice around the sides and on top of the drinks, making sure to fill any gaps between the bottles and cans.

To keep your food and drinks cold for as long as possible, you can also use frozen water bottles as additional ice packs. These bottles will keep the cooler contents cold, and as they melt, you will have cold water to drink. Another option is to freeze fruits, such as grapes or berries, and use them as ice packs. This not only keeps the food and drinks cold but also provides a refreshing snack as they thaw out.

To further extend the life of your ice, keep the cooler out of direct sunlight and in a shaded area. The sun’s heat can melt the ice quickly and make it difficult to keep your drinks and food cold. Also, avoid opening the cooler too often as this lets warm air in, causing the ice to melt faster.

If you have more than one cooler, it’s a good idea to separate the drinks from the food. Drinks are usually opened and closed more often than food, causing the ice to melt faster. By keeping the drinks in one cooler and food in another, you can reduce the frequency of opening the cooler and extend the life of the ice.

When it comes to tailgate parties, safety is crucial, and it’s essential to handle and store food properly. Store raw meat in a separate cooler to prevent cross-contamination, and make sure to keep cooked foods at a safe temperature to prevent foodborne illnesses. Pack perishable items in waterproof containers to prevent leaks and keep the contents fresh.

In conclusion, a 48 QT cooler with a 20 lbs. bag of ice can be an excellent addition to any Ole Miss football tailgate party. By pre-chilling the cooler, packing it efficiently, using frozen water bottles or fruits as additional ice packs, keeping the cooler out of direct sunlight, and separating drinks and food into different coolers, you can make the most of your cooler and keep your drinks and food cold for as long as possible. Remember to handle and store food safely to prevent foodborne illnesses, and have fun cheering on your Ole Miss Rebels!

Single Tent Packages

Single Tent Includes:
10X10 Tent
6 ft. Table
5 chairs
Bag cooler w/10lbs. bagged ice
Sign for tent (8.5’’X11’’)
Onsite staff available all day

Double Tent Packages

Double Tent Includes:
2-10X10 Tents
2-6 ft. Tables
10 chairs
2-Bag coolers w/2-10lbs. bagged ice
Sign for tent (8.5’’X11’’)
Onsite staff available all day

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From L.A.

Michael, you and your crew from Rebel Tailgate were amazing to work with. You handled my request with ease and delivered above my expectations. You made our trip to Oxford memorable. Thanks again!

V. Collins - Los Angeles, California

A Law Grad

Thank you for the great tailgating experience. We are glad that we signed up with Rebel Tailgate this season.

B. Doyle - UM Law - Oxford, MS

From Illinois

Hey Michael, What a season! Thank you again for everything! You have made tailgating in the grove very enjoyable for my family and I. We are looking forward to next year.
John C. - Bloomington, IL.


Michael, Great set up this weekend. In a great spot in the grove. Looking forward to doing it again next year. If you ever need a reference, feel free to give out my personal line.

Steven W. - New Orleans, LA


We are really looking forward to working with you again this year.  You made our tailgate experience last year the BEST!!

Kate G. - Oxford, MS

From Bel Air

Michael, We rented a tent from you last football season for the Ole Miss vs. LSU game.  This year we will be coming to the Ole Miss vs. Alabama game the first weekend in October and would love for you take care of us again. You helped so much taking the stress out of it, so we could enjoy ourselves.

Karen D. - Bel Air, MD

Down in Pearl

Michael, we fully intend on having you do our Grove set up again next fall. You were wonderful to work with.
Steve P.- Pearl MS

Don P. – Oxford, MS

We recently moved to Oxford and had a group of out-of-town friends who came in for a football weekend. We wanted them to experience The Grove and turned to Rebel Tailgate to make that happen. Michael and his team took care of everything….tent, table, chairs, setup, even met us and took us right to our site. Everyone had a terrific time and it was all totally professional and seamless, so we could concentrate on partying and enjoying the day. Very professional and for a first time Grove family, Rebel Tailgate made it so easy to enjoy the day. Thanks guys…we’ll be back.

Don P. - Oxford, MS

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